Most Corporate Wellness programs are boringly predictable- someone comes in to take your blood pressure, body mass index (BMI), bodyweight, etc- only to tell you to eat healthier and exercise. You may be given a website to go to on your own time, or an arbitrary point system to follow. How uninspiring! Drew’s approach is quite different. He tells you the WHY and the HOW right from the start. You learn action steps you can begin applying immediately, tailored to your personal goals and needs. No cookie-cutter one size-fits-all programs. Drew also utilizes the latest software to stay in touch after the seminar- you not only get the solutions up front, but you get continued progress with Drew for three months after. You and your team will gain a more thorough understanding of the material with everyone literally on the same page.

Whether you are an HR/Wellness Director looking to enhance your employees’ wellness program or need direction on how to build one from the ground up, Drew is here to assist your company in providing its employees with a blueprint to a healthier lifestyle.

Live Well Longer’s corporate wellness mission is to lower employees’ health care costs. Through educating and motivating, employees will improve their productivity, reduce absences, and increase their energy levels. Preventative care is much more cost effective than the status quo- by an average of two to one.

This will be accomplished by meeting with employees in a group format setting, or one-on-one coaching. Your team members learn the tools they need to make the best decisions for themselves regarding their fitness, diet, and lifestyle. We will focus on a goal-setting mindset, and on establishing absolute clarity regarding the facts on exercise and nutrition. Let’s talk about how we can get your employees and your bottom line healthier!